Analisis Input Output Dampak Pariwisata Terhadap Ekonomi Masyarakat Lokal Kota Bandung

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dc.description.abstract One of the problems in measuring the economic impact of tourism is that 'tourism' does not exist as a distinct sector in economic statistical system both regionally and nationally. As a result, the value of tourism to the economy is not easily revealed. This causes the tourism industry has been hurt by the lack of data that reflect the full economic impact. Expenditure by tourists in a tourist area is the beginning of the economic impact will be at result from tourism activities in the area. Tourist spending will impact directly or indirectly based on the flow of tourists in perpuataran money in the economy. The approach in this research is a quantitative approach in which the quantitative approach to determine the economic impact of tourism in the city of Bandung based domestic tourist expenditure, which results in numerical description. Analyses were performed using MGM basic equations used to calculate the economic impact of tourist spending is "tourism economic Impacts = number of visito number of visitors × × average spending per visitor economic multipliers" (Stynes et al. 2000). The input of this model include the number of visitors, the average tourist expenditure (per visitor or group), and the multiplier. The magnitude of the impact on indirect effects and induced effects indicate that tourism is a multi-sectoral, where the impact occurs not only limited to the tourism industries alone but there is a greater impact on other industries or sectors. Therefore it can be said that the impact of tourism activity across the economy is much larger than the size of tourism itself. en_US
dc.language.iso other en_US
dc.subject Tourists, Expenditur, Economic Sectors, Transactions Between Economic Sectors, Multiplayer Effect, Index and Index Of The Degree of Sensitivity Spread en_US
dc.title Analisis Input Output Dampak Pariwisata Terhadap Ekonomi Masyarakat Lokal Kota Bandung en_US

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